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error in event loopevent loop exited prematurelylog_stdinlog_ttyinlog_suspendlog_stderrlog_stdoutlog_ttyoutadd_io_eventssend_command_statusschedule_signalsync_ttysizelog_winchangecheck_foregroundfwdchannel_cbdel_io_eventssafe_closeev_free_by_fdwrite_callbackread_callbacksuspend_sudosignal_cb_ptyhandle_sigchld_ptybackchannel_cbio_buf_newpty_cleanup������������������������exec_ptypty_setupfill_exec_closure_ptypty_finishfree_exec_closure_pty../../src/exec_pty.c%s: deleting and freeing stderr wevent %p%s: deleting and freeing stdout wevent %p%s: deleting and freeing devtty wevent %padded I/O revent %p, fd %d, events %dadded I/O wevent %p, fd %d, events %dscheduled SIG%s for commandsending SIG%s to monitor over backchannelsending window size change to monitor over backchannelL %d x %dsending cstat type %d, value %d to monitor over backchannelbroken pipe writing to monitor over backchanneldeleted I/O revent %p, fd %d, events %ddeleted I/O wevent %p, fd %d, events %d%s: flushing remaining I/O buffers (nonblocking)%s: flushing remaining write buffers (blocking)unflushed data: wevent %p, fd %d, events %d%s: not closing fd %d (%s)%s: closing fd %d%s: deleting and freeing revent %p with fd %d%s: deleting and freeing wevent %p with fd %dunable to write %d bytes to fd %derror writing fd %d: %swrote %zd bytes to fd %derror reading fd %d: %sread %zd bytes from fd %dread EOF from fd %dkill parent SIG%skillpg(%d, SIG%s)parent is in %s, ttymode %d -> %d%s: evbase %p, monitor: %d, signo %s(%d), cstat %pmonitor stopped, suspending sudo%s: monitor (%d) killed, SIG%s%s: monitor exited, status %d%s: failed to read command status: %sEOF on backchannel, monitor dead?command stopped, suspending parentcommand exited or was killederrno from monitor: %s%s: failed to read command status: short read%s: no %s, not allocating a ptyunable to allocate pty%s: %s fd %d, pty master fd %d, pty slave fd %dunable to create socketsstdin not a tty, not loggingdupstdin not a tty, creating a pipestdout not a tty, not loggingstdout not a tty, creating a pipestderr not a tty, not loggingstderr not a tty, creating a pipe%s: unable to copy terminal settings to ptyunable to send message to monitor processbackchannel fd %d
Cget_pty../../src/get_pty.cttyregister_hook_internalderegister_hook_internalregister_hookderegister_hook../../src/hooks.cget_net_ifs ../../src/net_ifs.c%s%s/%sinternal error, %s overflowsudosudo_load_pluginsudo_check_pluginsudo_stat_pluginsudo_load_pluginsunknown error../../src/load_plugins.cerror in %s, line %d while loading plugin "%s"/etc/sudo.conf%s%s%s%s: %s%s must be owned by uid %d%s must be only be writable by ownerunable to load %s: %sunable to find symbol "%s" in %sunknown policy type %d found in %sincompatible plugin major version %d (expected %d) found in %signoring policy plugin "%s" in %s, line %donly a single policy plugin may be specifiedignoring duplicate policy plugin "%s" in %s, line %dignoring duplicate I/O plugin "%s" in %s, line %dsudoers_policysudoers.sosudoers_iopolicy plugin %s does not include a check_policy method&�����������������������������������������������������������~��tUM��H?��7��1��)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������env_insertusage_exclparse_args+Aa:bC:c:D:Eeg:Hh::iKklnPp:r:SsT:t:U:u:Vvparse_env_listenv_sethelp../../src/parse_args.c -e [-AknS] [-r role] [-t type] [-C num] [-g group] [-h host] [-p prompt] [-T timeout] [-u user] file ... -h | -K | -k | -Vsudoedit -v [-AknS] [-g group] [-h host] [-p prompt] [-u user] -l [-AknS] [-g group] [-h host] [-p prompt] [-U user] [-u user] [command] [-AbEHknPS] [-r role] [-t type] [-C num] [-g group] [-h host] [-p prompt] [-T timeout] [-u user] [VAR=value] [-i|-s] [<command>]usage: %s%sOnly one of the -e, -h, -i, -K, -l, -s, -v or -V options may be specifiedtruethe argument to -C must be a number greater than or equal to 3,invalid environment variable name: %syou may not specify both the `-i' and `-s' optionsyou may not specify both the `-i' and `-E' optionsyou may not specify environment variables in edit modethe `-U' option may only be used with the `-l' optionthe `-A' and `-S' options may not be used together%s - edit files as another user

%s - execute a command as another user

use a helper program for password prompting -A, --askpass %s
run command in the background -b, --background %s
close all file descriptors >= num -C, --close-from=num %s
preserve user environment when running command -E, --preserve-env %s
preserve specific environment variables --preserve-env=list %s
edit files instead of running a command -e, --edit %s
run command as the specified group name or ID -g, --group=group %s
set HOME variable to target user's home dir -H, --set-home %s
display help message and exit -h, --help %s
run command on host (if supported by plugin) -h, --host=host %s
run login shell as the target user; a command may also be specified -i, --login %s
remove timestamp file completely -K, --remove-timestamp %s
invalidate timestamp file -k, --reset-timestamp %s
list user's privileges or check a specific command; use twice for longer format -l, --list %s
non-interactive mode, no prompts are used -n, --non-interactive %s
preserve group vector instead of setting to target's -P, --preserve-groups %s
use the specified password prompt -p, --prompt=prompt %s
create SELinux security context with specified role -r, --role=role %s
read password from standard input -S, --stdin %s
run shell as the target user; a command may also be specified -s, --shell %s
create SELinux security context with specified type -t, --type=type %s
terminate command after the specified time limit -T, --command-timeout=timeout %s
in list mode, display privileges for user -U, --other-user=user %s
run command (or edit file) as specified user name or ID -u, --user=user %s
display version information and exit -V, --version %s
update user's timestamp without running a command -v, --validate %s
stop processing command line arguments -- %s
-caskpassauth-typeclose-fromlogin-classpreserve-envgroupset-homehelphostloginremove-timestampreset-timestamplistnon-interactivepreserve-groupspromptstdincommand-timeoutother-useruserversionvalidatebsdauth_typelogin_classpreserve_environmentrunas_groupset_homerun_shelllogin_shellignore_ticketselinux_roleselinux_typerunas_userprognameimplied_shellpreserve_groupsnoninteractiveclosefromnetwork_addrsmax_groupsplugin_dirremote_hostadd_preserved_fdclosefrom_exceptparse_preserved_fds../../src/ %d already preservedpreserving fd %dclosefrom(%d)dup %ddup %d -> %dclosing fd %ddup2(%d, %d): %sdup2(%d, %d)fcntl(%d, F_SETFD, %d): %sfcntl(%d, F_SETFD, %d)unable to parse fd string %srange error parsing fd string %ssave_signalsrestore_signalsinit_signalssudo_sigaction../../src/signal.cunable to save handler for signal %dSIG_IGNSIG_DFL???restoring handler for signal %d: %swill restore signal %d on execsudo_check_suidiolog_closeformat_plugin_settingsiolog_openget_user_infoget_user_groupsfill_group_listpolicy_closedisable_coredumpset_user_groupsrun_commandfix_fdsmainpolicy_openpolicy_show_versioniolog_show_versionpolicy_validatepolicy_invalidatepolicy_listpolicy_checkiolog_unlinkfree_plugin_containercommand_info_to_detailspolicy_init_session../../src/sudo.cPATH%.*s/%s%s must be owned by uid %d and have the setuid bit seteffective uid is not %d, is %s on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?effective uid is not %d, is sudo installed setuid root?plugin_pathsettings: %s=%sdebug_flags=%s %slocalhostyou do not exist in the %s databasepasswdSHELLpid=%dppid=%dpgid=%dtcpgid=%dsid=%duid=%ueuid=%ugid=%uegid=%u%s: %s: unable to get %d groups via getgroups()%s: %s: got %d groups via getgroups()%s: %s: unable to get groups via sudo_getgrouplist2()%s: %s: got %d groups via sudo_getgrouplist2()groups=%s%ucwdunable to determine ttylines=%dcols=%dumask=0%ounable to set supplementary group IDsunable to set effective gid to runas gid %uunable to set gid to runas gid %ucalling policy close with errno %dcalling I/O close with errno %dcalling policy close with wait status %dcalling I/O close with wait status %dunexpected child termination condition: %dunable to open %s/dev/null/usr/share/localesudo_mode %dSudo version %s
1.8.27Configure options: %s
--build=aarch64-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr --includedir=${prefix}/include --mandir=${prefix}/share/man --infodir=${prefix}/share/info --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --disable-silent-rules --libdir=${prefix}/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu --libexecdir=${prefix}/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu --disable-maintainer-mode --disable-dependency-tracking -v --with-all-insults --with-pam --with-fqdn --with-logging=syslog --with-logfac=authpriv --with-env-editor --with-editor=/usr/bin/editor --with-exampledir=/usr/share/doc/sudo/examples --with-timeout=15 --with-password-timeout=0 --with-passprompt=[sudo] password for %p: --disable-root-mailer --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail --with-rundir=/run/sudo --libexecdir=/usr/lib/sudo --with-sssd --with-sssd-lib=/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu --with-selinux --with-linux-audit --enable-tmpfiles.d=yesfatal error, unable to load pluginsunable to initialize policy pluginpolicy plugin %s does not support the -v optionpolicy plugin %s does not support the -k/-K optionspolicy plugin %s does not support listing privilegespolicy plugin %s is missing the `check_policy' methodpolicy plugin returns %dplugin did not return a command to executeerror initializing I/O plugin %scommand info from plugin: %d: %schroot=command=cwd=closefrom=exec_background=invalid boolean value for %sexecfd=login_class=nice=noexec=preserve_groups=preserve_fds=runas_egid=runas_euid=runas_gid=runas_groups=runas_uid=selinux_role=selinux_type=set_utmp=sudoedit=sudoedit_checkdir=sudoedit_follow=timeout=umask=use_pty=utmp_user=setuid(%d)unexpected sudo mode 0x%xswitch_usersudo_edit_mktempdir_is_writablesudo_edit_opensudo_edit_open_nonwritablesudo_edit_openat_nofollowsudo_edit_copy_tfilessudo_edit_create_tfilessudo_editset_tmpdirselinux_edit_create_tfilesselinux_edit_copy_tfiles../../src/sudo_edit.cset uid:gid to %u:%u(%u)seteuid(ROOT_UID)setegid(%d)setgroupsseteuid(%u)%s/%.*sXXXXXXXX%s%s/%s.XXXXXXXX%s -> %s, fd %d%s: not a regular file%s left unmodified%s unchangedunable to write to %scontents of edit session left in %s%s: short writeunable to read temporary file%s: editing symbolic links is not permitted%s: editing files in a writable directory is not permittedmkstempsno writable temporary directory foundsetuid(%u)unable to change uid to root (%u)--plugin error: missing file list for sudoedit/usr/lib/sudo/seshsesh-e-h0sesh: internal error: odd number of pathssesh: unable to create temporary filessesh: unknown error %dunable to chown(%s) to %d:%d for editingunable to read the clock1unable to chown(%s) back to %d:%dunable to copy temporary files back to their original locationunable to copy some of the temporary files back to their original location/var/tmp//usr/tmp//tmp/tgetpass_display_errorsuspendgetlntgetpasstty_presentsudo_askpass../../src/tgetpass.ctimed out reading passwordno password was providedunable to read passwordcallback major version mismatch, expected %u, got %*SUDO_ASKPASSno tty present and no askpass program specifiedDISPLAYno askpass program specified, try setting SUDO_ASKPASSunable to set gid to %uunable to set uid to %uunable to run %sget_process_ttyname../../src/ttyname.c%s: tty device %s: %sunable to resolve tty via %s/proc/self/statutmp_settimeutmp_loginutmp_fillutmp_setidutmp_logout../../src/utmp.c/dev/audit_role_changeselinux_restore_ttyget_exec_contextselinux_setuprelabel_ttyselinux_execve../../src/selinux.cunable to open audit systemnewrole: old-context=%s new-context=%sunable to send audit messageunable to fgetfilecon %s%s changed labelsunable to restore context for %syou must specify a role for type %sunable to get default type for role %sfailed to set new role %sfailed to set new type %s%s is not a valid contextfailed to get old_contextunable to determine enforcing mode.unable to open %s